Alors on danse

Year of production: 2015
Duration: 3:38

Edition - Isabel Burr
Photography - Ignacio Galilea
Music (2nd release) - Carles López

1st Release

Alors on danse is part of the Karaoke (ART) series by Davis Freeman
Produced by Random Screen
video - password upon request

Screening at:
Black box supported in Dansen Hus(Norway-Oslo) - 11/03/2016
Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil (France) - 20/11/2015
Palais de Tokyo (Paris) - 18/12/2015

2nd Release

video - password upon request

Screening at:
Bideodromo 2016 International Film Festival (Spain-Bilbao) - 9th Sep
ISEA2016(Hong Kong) - 16-22th May


This video takes advantage of some of the similar concepts in Stromae’s own video clip but uses instead allegoric representations and symbols that will be understood by our ancient subconscious instead of by our rational mind represented and limited by our ego. It means that audience watching it with a Newtonian perspective will only see a naked woman sexually provoking and playing with pets and food; however people using a Quantic perspective will become real observers seeing the fishes as pure Vesica Pisces archetypes. I do respect both perceptions of the reality.